What We Offer:
- 30 Minute consultation with experienced staff member.
- Unlimited advice with nutritionist via email.
- Cleanse protocol designed specifically for you.
- Each day is different and would change with every client.

- Each cleanse is unique and prices range accordingly.

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What is a Cleanse?
You have probably heard your friends say “I’m on a cleanse and I’m starving!” Well, here at RawBlendz that is exactly the opposite of how we want you to feel.

Our cleanse program is tailored specifically towards YOU! Depending on your lifestyle, exercise regime, sleep patterns and overall well-being. We design a protocol based on different factors that you tell us during a free- 30 minute consultation with an experienced staff member.


We believe in gentle detoxification, weaning on and off foodstuffs, elimination of toxins slowly not abruptly. Overall, we will give you tips and tricks to get through the cleanse, such as; teas to use to avoid detox symptoms (headaches, hunger), lifestyle choices and relaxation methods to contribute to a successful outcome.